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Patient Testimonials
“I spent a year living in pain going from doctor to doctor and therapist to therapist with little to no help. I met Dr. Sindo and after a few short visits, my pain went from level 10 down to nothing. Not only did he evaluate me, he explained and educated me about my pain in detail. Also, Dr. Sindo is the only physical therapist in NYC that does Graston Technique, ASTYM and ART (Active Release Techniques) which helped me with the restrictions, adhesions, and scarring of my soft tissue from all the years of running. I’ve been able to get back to running. And be “me” again!” -Daniel Borrero 2:49 marathon runner

“I am confident my pain and symptoms would have remained unchanged or even gotten worse if Daniel was not treating me and if I continued my therapy anywhere else, and I am so grateful to Daniel for the exceptional care I have received. While at therapy, I have over and over heard people say that they have felt pain for months or years and within a few visits the pain has significantly decreased or disappeared. Regardless of whether your injury is recent or something that has persisted for a long time, even if other therapists have tried and not been completely successful, Daniel will fix it!” -Susan S

“I sought out Dr. Sindo to recover from a third surgery repairing an old shoulder dislocation , this latest surgery ( right shoulder laterjet procedure ) being the most invasive and difficult, yet, now, after only three month post operation I have regained full range of motion in the joint and am well on my way to regaining the strength. Daniel Ray Sindo and his staff at SMPT specialize in the latest modern, manual physical therapy modalities to quickly heal its patients. The numerous manual PT methods are indeed unique and comprehensive, something I have come to appreciate greatly, especially considering I have frequented many other physical therapy offices in comparison, and have found Sindo’s manual PT approach to be the most beneficial for my speedy recovery. Also, the therapists are caring and personable making you feel tended too and upbeat during the length of the session, you are never alone or feeling neglected here. In summation I am very happy with the results and the overall experience with SMPT and would highly recommend Dr. Daniel Ray Sindo and his wonderful staff to any person seeking recovery from an injury and relief from pain.” -Alex Litvak

“Sindo Manual Physical Therapy is hands down the best I’ve ever experienced. They offer the most cutting edge treatments and the people who run it are very nice and make you feel comfortable while you’re there. Prior to hearing about this place from a friend I went to several physical therapists and got nothing done, and paid a bunch of money for said nothing. After 2 sessions under their care, my main issue was resolved. Highly recommended.” -Jacob G.

“Daniel is a rarity in the medical profession. His personal attention and commitment to seeing you feel good again is really unique. He practices manual physical therapy which means that he; himself will work with you on your problem every time. I’ve had 4 injuries and Daniel has cured me (yes, absolutely no pain) 4 times now. In addition, all of my referral’s (6-7 at this point) have called me to thank me. One other thing that has really impressed me is his commitment to staying on the cutting edge of physical therapy. He constantly re-educates himself to learn the best of what physical therapy has to offer.” -Alex G.

“I had been to many medical offices in Manhattan and in Brooklyn looking for a doctor who can really help me with my low back pain. Still my pain was getting worse. Finally, I got lucky when I found the website of Sindo manual Physical Therapy. Where other doctors failed, Dr. Sindo has succeeded at every step in actually determining the reason for my low back pain and then finding the right treatment that was best suited for my condition. Day by day I was getting back my ability  to sleep,  walk, and exercise normally and in pain-free manner.” – Yevgen P

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Patient Testimonials
"Sindo Manual Physical Therapy is hands down the best I’ve ever experienced." - Jacob G.

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